Jack Foust - Drupal Developer

As a Web Developer since 2005, I have built Websites with advanced functionality and database integration using LAMP technologies. I strive to adapt to the latest trends and continually educate myself to what is new and exciting.

As a Network Administrator dating back to 1999, I have designed, implemented and supported mixed Windows and Linux based networks. I have the knowledge and expertise to support and diagnose Windows desktops, Windows servers and multiple flavors of Linux. I have a familiarity of major network components such as Cisco IOS, VOIP, Active Directory and almost everything in between.

Specialties:Networking, PHP, Windows, Security, Web 2.0, RSS, XML, Amazon Web Services, MySQL, Linux, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, Drupal

My Posts

Acquia Dev Desktop 2 beta with Acquia Cloud integration.

A few nights ago I discovered the beta of Acquia Dev Desktop 2. One of the new features of this beta is integration with Acquia Cloud. This integration makes the recommended Acquia Cloud workflow much easier to implement locally on your PC or Mac. One of the intial struggles I had when first using the beta were issues with Drush. After I installed and configure DD2 to pull down a copy of my Acquia Cloud development environment I fired up Drush as I normally would working with a Drupal site through WAMP or XAMPP. I was able to check the status of the site and download a few Drupal modules.

Entity Construction Kit (ECK)

In my quest to become a better Drupal developer I've stumbled upon one of new my favorite modules. For sites that you don't need to create a module for, and definitely for site builders, ECK helps a ton when dealing with Drupal 7 entities. At it's simplest, ECK adds an interface to the Drupal structure area that allows you to create an entity with one-to-many bundles attached to the entity. Each bundle can have fields attached. The module also has built in permissions that allow you to grant a role access to add entities to a bundle to also edit and delete those entries.